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    58638 Iserlohn
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    Miriad Products Ltd.
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    Finch Australia Ply Ltd.
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    RV Supplies Limited
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    RedDot Award for "HARTAL hidden contact".

    The Hartal hidden contact was developed for a more pleasant user experience with our doors. The solutions available on the market so far do not fulfil this function sufficiently. For the control of the central locking system and the feedback of the locking position, the signals must be transmitted outside the door. In cooperation with our stakeholders, the current status was analyzed and desired improvements and changed marginal conditions were discussed. The following points were compiled: More economical production; improved safety with regard to failure and external influences; upgrading of the overall door system and detection of faults already in the assembly plant.
    The new door contact integrates itself almost invisibly into the existing design of the internal hinge. Door variants with or without contacts retain their basic design and can hardly be distinguished from one another. The new design covers the contact pins much better, which leads to an enormous improvement in safety. Thanks to the Poka Yoka design, installation is easier.
    The first serial parts were tested according to our high requirements. Even after an endurance test of 25000 cycles.

    100 years Hartal.

    • We are a family business with more than 100 years of tradition.
    • We work and we live here. In North Rhine-Westphalia. In the heart of Germany. Where a handshake and your word still count.
    • We are pioneers and have fought our way through the decades to realise our visions.
    • We have grown. We are more than 350 like-minded people.
    • Our employees are colleagues who pull in the same direction.
    • We have developed our own know-how over the decades. We have maintained it, expanded it. And have passed it on.
    • We are flexible, can make fast decisions and can react quickly.
    • We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities on a production area of over 15,000 square metres. Nevertheless we have remained a manufacturer that assesses and checks each single part which leaves our premises conscientiously, responsibly and with a great deal of care and experience.
    • We love the challenge of finding solutions that, at the end of the day, are self explanatory.
    • We are the ones who make a holiday perfect. Because we think for ourselves and put visions into practice. Because we are in love with detail and deliver quality that reaches people all over the world.
    • We are global, open to new ideas, ambitious and unyielding when it comes to turning them into reality.
    • We work sustainably and think responsibly into the future. For our customers. For our planet and also for ourselves.
    • We. We all are. The HARTAL family.