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Locker door handle movie


Single fastener for locker doors. 
Easy use with a high level of safety!


·  A central ergonomical metal handle 
   made of metal
·  The central ergonomical handle means
   the locker door can be closed at 3 points 
·  The handle snaps into the depression
   of the handle by itself 
·  The lock of the locker door is double-
   sealed in the region of the lock barrel
·  The locking system is suitable for door
   panels of thicknesses from 18 to 74 mm
·  The locking bars are available in
   different lengths for all locker door sizes 
·  The locking tongue and bars lock
·  Optimal compressing of the seals by
   cranking of the locking tongue and bar
·  Compatible with all common lock




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